Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteers and staff recommend…

Our most recent Book Picnic took place on Friday 20th and as usual was filled with exciting new recommendations.

Three volunteers sitting round a table laughing while reading messages on a "sharing tree"

Recruiting volunteers for two roles

We’re looking for new volunteers who are keen to learn and can bring enthusiasm, fresh ideas and a passion for GWL’s values and work.

Welcome on our chalk board

Our Front of House team needs YOU!

If you love meeting and talking to people, are a great listener, and would like to encourage more women to borrow books, come to events and get involved in GWL, then this is the role for you.

Speaking Out: Recalling Women's Aid in Scotland (logo)

Volunteer opportunities with the Speaking Out project

Volunteer recruitment for the Speaking Out project has now been concluded.

Become a GWL Young Critic

We are looking for young women who’d like to find out more about either films, art, books, music, dance (or all of these!) by women artists and who’d like to learn how they can help GWL to reach more young women using blogging and social media.

Looking for GWL Champions on Wheels

PaperGirls is the only project (that I know of!) which brings together easy going cycling, community based arts and culture, coffee, and leaflet distribution…

Volunteer opportunity with the National Lifelong Learning Project

We are looking for a volunteer to assist our colleague Lorna Stevenson, the project worker, in supporting a women’s history group in Clydebank to develop a Memory Box about women’s history in West Dunbartonshire.

Volunteering Opportunities at the Library

Volunteering is a great opportunity to get involved with the Library. We are currently looking for Women’s Heritage Walk tour guides, Marketing Assistance, and Content Management admin support. Do you think you could help?