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Volunteers and staff at the Awards ceremony, receiving the Finalists' certificate.

Committed to Diversity and Inclusion

Volunteers are at the heart of everything we do so we were really chuffed when the Volunteer Programme was shortlisted for an award.

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We Are GWL: Kathryn, Katie and Niamh

Kathryn, Katie and Niamh are all part of the team. Find out more about what they do, what they enjoy (and don’t enjoy so much) about Glasgow Women’s Library.

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Thoughts on The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf

A couple of days ago, I finished reading the popular third wave feminist non-fiction book The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf, and its 368 pages of socio-political commentary, theory and in depth analysis of everything in the female sphere left me with many lasting impressions, ideas and musings that I wanted to compile into a […]

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We are GWL: Kate

Kate is a volunteer on Front of House. Next time you pop in she might be the one greeting you!

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Don’t Miss This June at GWL!

On 11th May we celebrated the launch of our exciting and jam-packed summer programme, full of new opportunities, workshops, sessions and initiatives. From the various exciting aspects of our new interactive project Women Making an Exhibition of Themselves to the continuation of our ever-popular Story Café and Creative Writing for Fearties workshops that aim to […]

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Triumph for Scottish Heroines Finally Recognised in Hall of Heroes

Stirling’s National Wallace Monument is an imposing place of historical resonance. Within its strong grey walls sits a gallery which features the marble busts of sixteen men from Scottish history, men who have been deemed to have played an extra special role in our nation’s long and esteemed history and rich culture. Recently, however, more […]

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Arena Three: A network to spread lesbian culture and empower female experience

Arena Three, March 1972 In this last but not least important blog I will outline Arena Three’s evolution of content and style lingering on the most compelling cases. As I suggested in my previous post, the pivotal aim of Arena Three was the development of a lesbian community and culture. In fact, the columns ‘Paperback […]

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Arena Three: Lesbians do it better

Here we go to my third post! In this blog I am going to compare Arena Three’s editorial structure and aims with those of Urania (So, do no worry if you already miss that magazine!). Do you remember Urania’s promotion of peace and elimination of gender?1 Well, Arena Three comes out in the Sixties, the […]

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Don’t Miss Our Exciting Story Café Special Featuring Fiona Macintosh!

On Thursday 27th April between 12:30 and 2:30pm, GWL is delighted to be welcoming artist, human rights advocate and writer Fiona Macintosh in a very special Story Café as she shares with us a tale that she has utterly devoted herself to—Rosa of the Wild Grass, the Story of a Nicaraguan Family. It is a […]

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The striking visual design of the badge has rosary beads in the shape of a uterus and the slogan refers to how the Catholic Church and its followers tend to be anti-abortion on the premise that all life should be protected. Also, they tend to reject most forms of contraception apart from abstinence and coitus interruptus.

Abortion, Contraception and the Collection

It is over two years ago now that I first visited the Glasgow Women’s Library and it truly was love at first sight. I am now studying a Masters in Museum Studies, and I got my dream placement of working and being a part of the GWL. A condition of my placement is to conduct research and write a blog post on some objects from the collections. So, given my previous history with the GWL, I thought it only fitting to do my blog about the topic which brought me to value the library so much.

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