Mixing The Colours Conference Illustration

“I feel part of something.” Opportunities to participate in Mixing The Colours

“Group together to inspire change.” A significant aspect of our work on Mixing The Colours is collective action. Working as a group our participants found power in numbers. We need YOU to continue to challenge sectarianism in a safe way together. Mixing The Colours has a packed programme and we warmly invite you to join us at our events across Scotland.

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Volunteer Photo Project: Eilidh

Meet one of our of our many wonderful volunteers EIlidh.

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Remzije Sherifi has written an inspiring story of survival.

Stories to celebrate

A Refugee Festival Scotland Story Cafe special, featuring writer Remzije Sherifi, left Young Critic Jenny Kelly inspired but feeling full of mixed emotions.

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Barrowland Ballet's Whiteout explores bi-racial relationships

Ballet Chaos

Whiteout, by Barrowland Ballet, will make you laugh, cry and hopefully make you think, finds Young Critics Kirsty Scott.

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Become a GWL Young Critic

We are looking for young women who’d like to find out more about either films, art, books, music, dance (or all of these!) by women artists and who’d like to learn how they can help GWL to reach more young women using blogging and social media.

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The Young Critics went to Street Level to see an exhibition of Maud Sulter's work.

Maud Sulter: Young Critic reviews

If you struggled with your identity, what would you do? Young Critic Jenny Kelly finds that artist Maud Sulter’s answer was to take photographs, while Istahil Nur is struck by her humanity.

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Maud Sulter's photographs are concerned with identity and connection.

Cultural connections: Maud Sulter review

As a woman of mixed heritage Young Critic Leyla Bumbra has been described as ‘exotic’ more times than she cares to remember. So it is with relief and admiration that she views the work of Maud Sulter at Street Level’s stunning new exhibition.

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It’s pretty much the dream library…Megan’s thoughts on her library placement

The Women’s Library is such a diverse, inclusive and welcoming place, and I’m so grateful for the experience I’ve had here.

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Harpies, Fechters and Quines: Women and Words

We are really excited to be putting on the Harpies Fechters and Quines Festival in partnership with Edinburgh City libraries and the Bonnie Fechters women’s group. This festival of talks, exhibitions and workshops takes place in Edinburgh throughout June and the theme this year is Women and Words.

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Vagueferas project

Artists in the Archive….

This coming July artists Ailie Rutherford and Flis Mitchell will be working with the archives at Glasgow Women’s Library responding to their newly housed archives collection. By grouping material from the archives together alphabetically, they aim to discovering playful and innovative ways of looking at the GWL materials. This process creates interesting juxtapositions of ideas […]

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