GWL Aims and Objectives

Specific Aims: What we do

Glasgow Women’s Library aims to:

Advance the education of the general public by increasing the knowledge and understanding of women’s history, lives and achievements.

Provide information on a range of women’s and gender equality issues.
Enable women, particularly the most vulnerable and excluded in society, to access the information, resources and services they need to make positive life choices.

Break down barriers to learning and participation for women so that they become fully active citizens, develop skills and knowledge, engender self-confidence and equip themselves to pass on their experience to benefit their families and broader communities.

Be a catalyst for change by taking a lead role in redressing the neglect of women’s historical and cultural contributions to Scottish society.

Pioneer new ideas of, and approaches to, culture and heritage that bring together people from the most diverse backgrounds.

Invest in women’s social, cultural and creative capital to the benefit of our nation.

Achieve financial independence.

Provide the highest quality service for all our users, enquirers and members.

Objectives: How we do it

In meeting our aims, GWL:

Actively collects relevant information and materials to make them accessible to the broadest range of users.

Provides an accessible information resource, library and archive relevant to all areas of women’s lives, history, culture and achievements for use by individuals and groups from all areas of the community.

Encourages the involvement of as many women as possible in developing the Library and its related resources and services and in contributing to the documentation, collection, creation and use of materials.
Provides and promotes Lifelong Learning, training, education, skill-sharing, volunteering, and employment opportunities for women.

Will relocate into permanent, fit-for purpose, fully accessible premises that befit a unique national resource.

Will create Scotland’s first Women’s Archive, building a dedicated archive space within GWL’s new premises and employing an Archivist.

Seeks to build on successfully achieving Full Accreditation as a Museum (awarded by the Museums Libraries Archives Council) to later become a ‘Recognised Collection of National Significance’ as a ‘Non-National National’ Museum in Scotland, renaming as The Women’s Library and Archive of Scotland (working title).

Will create a sustainable and economically vibrant Social Enterprise, with an expanding range of Third Sector income-generating activities.

Seeks to attain and uphold the appropriate accredited professional standards across the organisation’s service delivery.