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Glasgow Women’s Library emerged from a small dark corner of Garnethill in 1991. Many fantastic women have been involved in the life of the library and its activities. Here is a chance to see the kinds of exciting and innovative work women have done for the library over the years, to explore other’s past memories, and to add your own.

Glasgow Women's Library in Garnethill

Glasgow Women's Library in Garnethill

Many women come to the library for one thing and end up finding something else. We get feedback from people all the time that their involvement with the library has led on to other things or helped them change their lives for the better. We love to hear people’s memories of the library, and know that these stories can show others what it is like to be involved with us, whether by coming to an event, joining and borrowing a book, volunteering or getting involved with one of the projects.

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Amy Fleischer

The opportunity that was given to me at the Library to teach and share my skills/love for bookmaking also inspired me to pursue similar opportunities elsewhere and be a “self-starter”. The Library truly represents a model for me, which I plan to return to, time and time again, wherever I may live.

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Jean Girdwood: Walking into Happiness

My name is Jean Girdwood and I first heard about Glasgow Women’s Library in 2006, through Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum where I am a voluntary guide. The library was looking for people to help with a project called Women Make History. The staff, leaders and my peers have been instrumental in promoting Glasgow Women’s History to every corner of Glasgow. We were encouraged to research both historical and living Glasgow Women who individually made a difference to the city both in the arts, sciences, education, politics etc, and not forgetting the ordinary or should I say extraordinary women of Glasgow who were/are an integral part of the development and history of Glasgow.

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Kirsty Hood: Me and the Library

Women Make History drew me in to the library around October 2 years ago. I’d always had a soft spot for “the old days” stories my Gran would recount and hoped that getting involved would recreate a bit of Gran story warmth. I’d also missed researching since completing my history degree, and was looking to get some cogs turning again. Fairly naively, at that point I hadn’t considered the lack of recognition about Glasgow wimmen’s contribution to the city’s history. Very quickly it became clear that there were a wealth of stories about women’s achievements to be told, shared and celebrated.

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