Transatlantic Literary Women Podcast

In June this year we hosted an informative day of talks, workshops, readings and performances as part of the Transatlantic Literary Women series. The Transatlantic Literary Women Series offers free and open events dedicated to women writers’ contributions to the transatlantic relationship. It aims to redress the often male-dominated narrative of the exchanges between America, Europe, and Africa, by highlighting the work of women from all origins and ethnicities. The project kicked off in Glasgow in January 2017, and the TLW team are currently working on the launch of their second season, which will begin next September.

Transatlantic Literary Women have teamed up with Wheezy Whispers on their first podcast. This first episode will give you an idea of the content of the series, and serve as an introduction to the rest of the podcast. You can find further information about the project on their website, and find them on Twitter and Facebook. As for the podcasts, they will be released every Monday, and you can subscribe to their newsletter for regular alerts on new episodes, as well as information about their upcoming events.

We’re delighted to present the first podcast right here but make sure to follow Transatlantic Literary Women to catch all the other episodes.

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