For women, by women

Staff and Volunteers Laurie volunteered with us in 2012, around the time of GWL’s 21st birthday.  Despite moving away from Glasgow she has stayed in touch and reflects here on her experience as a GWL Volunteer.

“Most of my involvement was for the GWL 21 Revolutions exhibition – which has proved useful as both my current employment and hobbies are specifically geared towards public engagement and arts organisation in the US.

What struck me about GWL was that I had never encountered such a long-running, impactful and all-encompassing model for a non-profit that was specifically for women, by women.   The programmes made available for immigrants, artists, history-buffs and casual readers alike are remarkably effective and thorough for any non-profit organisation — and the dedication of the founders, staff and volunteers is something to be admired and emulated.   GWL demonstrates that it is possible to build a strong sense of local community while also being an invaluable national resource; one that I believe should be used as an example for international organisations as well.

I learned so much about the history of Glasgow, international feminism, and the UK while volunteering at GWL, as well as more about my own capabilities for self-growth.  I know these lessons will stay with me and I will cherish them for the rest of my life. “

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